Frequently Asked Questions

You can choose to have any of the floor coverings below:

  • Tile
  • Carpet
  • Engineered timber 
  • Laminated flooring
  • Concrete


It depends on your comfort levels. Incorporating ceiling fans into your build design amplifies the cooling effect. We suggest trying out four seasons without any extra boost. 

No, heat pump has the ability to reverse its cycle in summer to produce cooling effect. You can choose to turn it off.

The system is fitted with a dew point sensor and it makes sure the water temperature stays above the dew point temperature on any given day. Also note that we only circulate water at 16-18Deg which is well above dew point for instance in Melbourne (normally 10-12Deg).

Underfloor hydronic heating radiates heat from the floor at a gentle 26°C and underfloor cooling absorbs heat from the air at a comfortable 18 deg C under foot. It works well with almost any floor surface except softwood and bamboo floor boards.

If you go with thinner screed, then it should be reinforced. You can also use additives or polypropylene reinforcing fibre.

The insulation layer is 25mm and the circuits are 16mm diameter, hence 41mm together. Therefore, you should allow at least 50mm for the screed above the circuits, so a depth of at least 90mm is required and you can apply more screed up to 60mm with total height of insulation + circuits + screed up to 100mm. The pros/cons of less/more screed are:

  • Less screed will be more responsive to initial heating/cooling
  • More screed has more thermal mass to radiate/absorb heating/cooling into the evening

For example, how does the edge of the screed usually get treated? 

You can either create depressions in the structural slab for the screed layer clear of fixtures such as walls, island bench, cupboards, etc, where you want the heating/cooling to be located, or alternately, you can run a screed layer over the whole of the structural slab but you will need to insulate the slab edges otherwise you will leave a conduit for heat loss/gain in winter/summer.