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Marine Aquaculture and Agriculture Heat Pumps

08 Jan
Marine Aquaculture and Agriculture Heat Pumps

Heat pumps can be used for both heating and cooling water. 

Heat pumps have proven themselves in both agriculture and aquaculture to control water temperature for optimal production. New hit pumps on the market are even more efficient at performing these tasks. 

Siddons solar hydronics has a range of new heat pumps especially designed for marine aquaculture and agriculture applications with oversized titanium heat exchanger is that give better heat transfer to the water. 

As an example, the crayfish and abalone industry use these heat pumps to rapidly cool sea water tanks over six-hour period to take the water from ambient temperature of around 16 degrees C down to 8 degrees C to put these creatures into a dormant state so that they can be taken from the sea water tanks and shipped to overseas destinations such as Japan and China then put back into sea water tanks and warmed up again for livestock ready for market. 

Another example is using heat pumps to control water temperature to the ideal level for growing hydroponic tomatoes in green houses. 

These commercial heat pump applications can be matched with solar power to generate the power used by these heat pumps.

If you would like to enquire about heat pumps and solar systems for controlling water temperature for aquaculture or agriculture applications, click here.

To consider purchasing a specially designed marine heat pump with oversized titanium heat exchanger, click here

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