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Water Softening

27 Dec
Water Softening

To soften mineralised water, and reduce scale, corrosion and copper stains.

Use a polyphosphate treatment such as Tanamet XD 50 to soften mineralised water, and reduce scale, corrosion and copper stains.

If your water supply does not come from a mountain source such as the Great Dividing Range or the mountains of Tasmania or from fresh water rain tanks then your water supply is likely to be mineralised and will form scale. Check for tell-tale signs around your bath or inside your hot water kettle, particularly on the electric element. 

Siddons Solar Hydronics recommends the use of Tanamet polyphosphate which has the appearance of white glass crystals and dissolves slowly in water from a cartridge that fits into a water filter housing. The cartridge needs to be replaced after 8 years approximately or when the crystals have dissolved. The cartridge is installed in the cold-water supply line and will deliver one part per million of polyphosphate into the water flow to prevent scale formation, control corrosion and stabilise copper.

Treating water with polyphosphate will not affect the other properties of water so is fine for potable water with a pH ranging from 5.5 to 8.5. Polyphosphate is non-toxic and non-flammable, and approved by many leading Water Authorities around the world.

Are you planning a new build or renovation or moving away from gas to non-gas heating / cooling options? If so, try our configurator to design a non-gas system or shop for the Tanamet polyphosphate for use in mineralised water by clicking here.

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