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Why do you need Energy Recovery Ventilation?

21 Dec
Why do you need Energy Recovery Ventilation?
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What are the Benefits of Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV)?

There are two main benefits of Energy Recovery Ventilation:

1) Recover energy from the outgoing stale air and transfer it to the incoming fresh air to reduce heating and cooling costs.

2) Improve the comfort level inside by reducing the carbon dioxide build up from people breathing to improve alertness and to create a fresher feel and healthier indoor environment. In southern climates, you will also reduce inside humidity build-up from people breathing, water boiling and cooking. ERVs also reduce indoor odours as stale air is exchanged with the fresh outdoor air.

Cut your energy costs by third:

Energy loss through leakage through cracks and doors typically accounts for 15-25% of your energy loss: Opening windows for ventilation will cause further energy loss. Siddons Solar Hydronics suggests that at least a third of your energy costs could be saved by installing a pair of ERV units and not opening windows as much and taking steps to seal cracks under doors, open vents, etc. Why not take a look at your heating and cooling costs for a year and see what savings you could make by taking these steps and cutting your energy costs by a third?

A pair of ERV units such as the Stiebel Eltron LT-50 can capture up to 90% of the outgoing heating or cooling energy in their ceramic filters. The price for a pair of Stiebel Eltron LT-50 energy recovery ventilation units sufficient to ventilate a standard sized living/family room is $3,200 (excl GST): Shop by clicking here.

How do ERV units work?

ERV units are designed to operate 24/7 using less than 1kW for a pair per 24-hour period. They draw the air in using very small fans similar to those in your computer for just over minute absorbing the energy and storing it in their ceramic filters, then they expel the stale air out for about the same time delivering another load of energy to the ceramic filters. You can set and forget these units and turn off your air conditioning more often for further energy savings because there will be many times, such as at night, where the outside air temperature is more temperate such that the operation of the ERV units will be sufficient to keep your indoor climate just right whilst also making it feel fresh and airy.

When considering heating and cooling your home, Siddons Solar Hydronics recommends that you look at it holistically. There are many things to consider for the best outcome for your home and family including home and garden design, insulation, sealing cracks and gaps, window glazing, heating and cooling methods and equipment, solar power, battery storage, lighting and Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV).


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