Screed Hairline Cracks: Avoidance & Mitigation

Hairline cracks can be completely preventable and depend on a lot of factors (concrete mix, structural slab and ground quality) but there are few best practices that can be undertaken to avoid them. You should consult with your engineer and concreter about this in detail.

Here are some articles with some information on this:

Hydronic underfloor or radiators, which is best?

Best form of heating:

The best form of heating is underfloor because it is delivered at over 30 degrees lower heat at just 26 degrees underfoot, which provides a comfortable, luxuriant warmth underfoot and is sufficient to make your whole house warm due to the larger surface area. Just like a cat lying on the bonnet of a car that’s just arrived home in winter, it doesn’t matter much if the space above your head is cold to feel warm because you are close to the heat source. This method of heating is particularly good for homes with high ceilings and large air volumes. 


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