What does a typical screed installation looks like?

You can either create depressions in the structural slab for the screed layer clear of fixtures such as walls, island bench, cupboards, etc, where you want the heating/cooling to be located, or alternately, you can run a screed layer over the whole of the structural slab but you will need to insulate the slab edges otherwise you will leave a conduit for heat loss/gain in winter/summer.

Is the higher cost of heat pump compared to gas boiler worth it?

The capital cost of a hydronic heat pump solution for heating and cooling, using water as the heating and cooling medium, will always be more expensive than a gas boiler because of the greater complexity of the heat pump. However, it does give you reverse cycle cooling also in summer that is very effective in a well-designed home in a southern or inland climate where humidity is naturally lower. 

Different methods to heat a bathroom sustainably

The bathroom in your home has different heating and ventilation requirements as compared to the rest of your home. In temperant climates, it is one of the coldest parts in the home. In this blog, we would recommend different methods to heat your bathroom "sustainably".

Heated Towel Warmers:

Towels warmers are available in different shapes and sizes, making it the versatile, space saving choice for bathroom heating. In addition to heating up the room it also adds certain aesthetics to the bathroom, typically for modern, minimalist or contemporary bathrooms.


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