Importance of Awnings in a Passive Home

Direct sunlight can generate the same amount of heat as a single bar radiator and effective shading can block up to 90% of this heat. Through effective shading you can reduce the summer temperatures in your house and in winter use that sun to generate radiant heat that will be stored in thermal mass that is later released when the sun goes down. A concrete slab is ideal for this purpose. The Australian Government’s Sun & Moon Elevation tool allows you to determine the sun angle to your location.

Heat pump performing in extreme Switzerland snow

Our partners at Stiebel Eltron shared these images.

The service team in Switzerland was called out to inspect an Air Sourced Heat Pump that wasn't performing to capacity.

After inspection, they were able to locate (and dig out) the unit, to find that it was still running, but due to restricted airflow, was at a reduced output. 

This is what gives us the confidence to offer these units into any Australian climate. 


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